You have a business that’s strong and thriving – what’s next? Accurate Franchising Inc. can provide you with all of the resources you need to expand and franchise, both domestically and internationally. It can be a lot of work to open new locations, and our international franchise consultants have the experience to make the process seamless.

Let us work with you to take your business to the next level – or another country. Our services enhance your brand’s potential, whether you want to attract more robust leads or create business documents and software. Accurate Franchising Inc. can assist with everything you need to expand.

Why Franchise?

One of the greatest advantages of franchising with Accurate Franchising Inc. is that you can replace store managers with owner operators or investors. Franchise owners are focused on the business: they’re motivated by their investment and have a stake in the business’ profits.

Opening multiple locations is a great expansion strategy but can be costly in terms of money and time. When you work with Accurate Franchising Inc., our franchising growth strategy helps save on market expansion logistic expenditures and can cost considerably less.

With the right help from us, you’ll see a more sound and economic expansion, stronger dedication from franchisees, and greater growth potential.

International Franchise Growth

We have a significant advantage over other franchise advising firms: our worldwide offices represent over 500 international franchise locations. If it’s your goal to expand your brand internationally through master license sales, Accurate Franchising Inc. can help you accomplish that goal.

It’s a great time to consider international franchise expansion. While the pandemic has impacted businesses, franchise concepts can offer a large support system that can help in times of change. More prospective franchise owners are looking to franchising for a stable way to own their own business.

Accurate Franchising Inc.’s decades of experience have made us experts in creating the right international expansion strategy for your company. Our personalized international franchise expansion plans are designed specifically to help your business grow, some of which include:

  • Demographic research. We’ll identify the countries and areas that are a good fit for your franchise.
  • Finding leads. We can develop a strategy to find prospective franchise owners through trade shows, the Internet, brokers, targeted print advertising, franchise shows, and more.
  • Candidate guidelines. Together we’ll decide on the qualifying process when it comes to choosing the right international candidates.
  • Operational processes. Defining operational, sales, and transaction processes are key steps in ensuring your brand is successful abroad.

At Accurate Franchising Inc., we work with you to develop a comprehensive international expansion plan. We know franchising: we’re the leading franchise development firm, and our franchise consultants know how to expand your business internationally and help lay the foundation for serious growth potential.

Contact us today to learn more about how international franchise consultants from Accurate Franchising, Inc. can take your business to the next level.