Opening a franchise is a great way to turn your successful business into an investor opportunity. Accurate Franchising Inc. has 30-plus years of experience taking on businesses from every industry and fueling their franchise growth.

We Can Help Expand a Business

When you work with Accurate Franchising Inc., we can duplicate your successful business model, leveraging your hard work into a thriving new business. This opportunity grants you recurring revenue without needing to invest in new opportunities.

Some of the reasons why franchising beats traditional expansion include:

  1. The cost of turning your business into a franchise is nearly always less than the cost of opening an additional corporate location. Our complete solution allows you to franchise for about a third of what the traditional cost would be.
  2. We’re franchising pros who use the most cutting-edge sales methods, processes, and procedures to keep up with the times. Traditional expansions can involve ineffective marketing, lack of lead follow-up, unfocused sales strategy, poor support resources, incorrect prospect targeting, a static marketing strategy, failure to learn from the past, and unprofessional materials. Accurate Franchising Inc. can prevent all of those issues from occurring.
  3. We improve every part of your business, including franchise sales, marketing, international franchising, real estate, CRM and support, resales, business documents, financing, and more.
  4. Traditional expansion requires a good deal of capital, time, and energy. Franchising is more efficient in all of these areas. We’ll keep you focused, and our dedicated team will be there to make sure you have the personnel and capital to expand.
  5. Traditional development assumes all of the responsibility and all of the risk. Circumstances out of your control can directly impact your business, and you’re responsible for the repercussions. Franchising is far more secure with proper programs to put you in the best possible position for the future.
  6. Franchising allows you to see the fruits of your labor. Franchisors collect royalty payments while managing business with a lighter hand. You’ll be able to continue building your business without having to divide your attention and leave daily operational responsibilities to your franchisees.


Working with Accurate Franchising Inc. and our team of experts is a beneficial way to take your business to the next level. Our customized plans and personalized strategies are the franchise consultation services your business needs.

We’re dedicated to your franchise development needs. We’ve been building, selling, and supporting franchise businesses for decades. We spend our time and resources to ensure that our services are relevant, productive, and cost effective.

Our goal is to set your brand up for success. Our expert strategies will help you attract and sign more prospective franchisees, complete the sale, find the perfect location, get into a growing international franchise market, effectively manage your leads, get in touch with qualified buyers, and complete comprehensive legal documents.

We’re there for you every step of the way. Our personalized process will make opening a franchise seamless while expanding your brand and finding and signing new franchisees. At Accurate Franchising Inc., we’re designed to help business owners grow.

Contact us today to learn more about Accurate Franchising, Inc. and how we can take your business to the next level.